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Well, What a Sticky Pickle We're In... excuse the pun!

When we named our business we could never have guessed how apt it would be 18 months down the road! But you know what they, whoever 'they' are, say: When life gives you lemons..., so keeping my 'a cup half full' outlook it's a time to be grateful for what have.

We have a roof over our heads, food in the fridge and most importantly each other and I pray everyday to stay this lucky.

Now, back to why I've started this blog:

For now the Farmers Markets and Food and Artisan Fairs are understandably on hold, so we've been able to concentrate on our new website which is really good but I really miss meeting and chatting with all our lovely customers that visit us at our stall, as you may well guess I love cooking so here's the newsflash, insert family groan... I'm on a mission to make yummy meals using 'bits' out of the freezer that you would never think would stretch to a tasty family meal and without just nipping to the shop to get this ingredient or that ingredient that I don't have, I don't like food waste in what we now refer to as 'normal times' but this is going to be on another level, there's only one rule and that is there are no rules!

And I will also share with you ideas for using our chutney's in recipes, chutney isn't just for cheese!

Until next time my friends, say safe.

Karen - aka The Chutney Lady

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