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Simple, Quick and Delicious: Mushrooms on Toast

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Such an underrated tasty lunch or light supper, mushrooms on toast! This is our version for a tasty, light meal in under

10 minutes!

Get prepared:

Toaster, get ready and pop in 2 rounds of bread (per person)

Have your chopping board and a sharp knife ready on the countertop.

Pop a frying pan on your hob, do not turn your hob on at this point.


Mushrooms - 4-5 per person

Fresh tomato, I use 1-2 tomatoes per person. If you have any tinned tomatoes open in the fridge these work well also

Garlic Oil, if you don't have any flavoured oils add freshly grated garlic to your taste

(Rapeseed oil if not using garlic oil)

Bread, 2 rounds per person

Optional: finely chopped fresh chilli or chilli flakes - amount to personal taste

Salt & black pepper

Butter for toast

In a Sticky Pickles' Tomato and Chilli Chutney

Gently heat a good splash of oil in your pan - if you are not using garlic oil add grated fresh garlic to your usual rapeseed oil

Add sliced mushrooms, tomatoes and chilli if using

Season to taste with salt and pepper

After 2-3 minutes when the mushrooms and tomatoes are softening. Pop the bread down on your toaster

When the toast is ready butter it and add the mushrooms on top

Top with a generous spoonful of In A Sticky Pickles' - Tomato & Chilli Chutney

As well as a delicious quick bite to eat, this makes a great starter; simply serve the mushrooms in small warm dishes with a spoonful of the Tomato & Chilli chutney on top, add small triangles of toast to the side or alternatively serve with hot crusty bread....quite simply, it's delicious!

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