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Chutney subscriptions now available!

Here's how to treat yourself, or someone else to one of our yummy little subscriptions!

First up, log into your IASP account, or make one!

This is because of the payment plan depending on which Pickle Plan you pick!

As shown on the image below, just tap the profile button!

Then you'll find yourself on this page, where you can login, or create your account!

Once you've logged in, you'll be sent back to the home page, and this is where you want to click on 'My Subscriptions' from the dropdown box on the profile picture.

Then you'll see this page, where you want to click on view plans and pricing.

That's where you'll then get to select your Pickle Plan:

The Gold Pickle Plan:

2 Chutneys per month for 6 consecutive months

The Silver Pickle Plan:

2 Chutneys every other month for 12 months

The Bronze Pickle Plan:

2 Chutneys every 3 months for 12 months

Once you have selected your plan, youll find a page that looks like this:

To send someone else this subscription, use their address for the shipping address.

The confirmation email is sent almost immediately, please keep this in mind when choosing which email you put in the form.

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