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Beetroot & Orange Chutney with Pearl Barley

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

This is a delicious super easy recipe for a light lunch and it makes a great a side dish for a bbq

2-3 heaped dsp In a Sticky Pickles Beetroot & Orange Chutney

50g Pearl Barley - uncooked weight

1 Crunchy Green Apple, I use a Granny Smith

Cook the desired amount of Pearl Barley as per the instructions on the packet and allow to cool.

Chop your apple into a small dice, about 1/2cm, I prefer to leave the skin on the apple.

Combine the cooled pearl barley and chopped apple then add the Beetroot & Orange Chutney, I use a couple of heaped desert spoons in approx. 75-100g of dry weight pearl barley. Mix well until the pearl barley and apple have taken on colour from the Beetroot & Orange Chutney.

It's a very simple recipe that's not only really tasty but give a gorgeous burst of colour on your plate. We have this as a side dish with BBQ's, at Christmas its perfect on Boxing Day with leftover turkey. If you don't have any pearl barley you can used cooked cooled pasta, the small pasta work best like orzo which looks like grains of rice.

Until the next time my friends, stay safe x

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